Donor Cloner Closer Saturday, January 11th, 2020

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4 Round Swiss Tournament
Date January 11, 2020
Time Control Time Control: G/60 + 30 increment
Site Site: Hope Fellowship Christian Reformed Church of Denver at 2400 S. Ash, Denver, CO 80222
Directions Directions: One block East of S. Colorado Blvd. on Wesley. Please use rear entrance.
Entry Fee Solo ($45 at site, $40 pre-registration price, or $30 DCC member any time), one clone ($65 at site, $60 pre-registration price or $45 DCC anytime), two clones ($75 at site, $70 pre-registration price, or $50 DCC anytime)
Prizes Prizes: Modified humble pie. Win = 3x Draw = x where x equals two times the average entry fee (each clone counts as an entry) minus expenses divided by 3 times the number of rounds. Example, if the average entry minus expenses is $30 and there are 4 rounds, a win is worth $15 and a draw is worth $5.
Registration Registration: 8:30-9:30am
Round Times Rounds: 9:30am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:15pm
Entries Brian Wall
Address 1300 Bruce Randolph Avenue, Apartment 504, Denver, CO, 80505
Phone 720-646-9259
Bye Policy



Since byes do not count toward money, any number of byes in any round

are allowed.



20% of prize fund goes to DCC Treasury towards the 2020 Denver Open.


Last opportunity to change rating before February supplement to qualify for the 2020 Colorado Closed.


Brian Wall, Akshat Jain, and Sullivan McConnell are competing for the final spot in the 2020 Colorado Closed. Gunnar Andersen and Griffin McConnell have also committed to play.


Each player has the option to play one, two, or three boards per round.

Every entrant registers as himself but can also register up to two

"clones", with a maximum of three entries. No one plays themselves.


Clones play simultaneously, so each round a player with two clones

will get three pairings. All games are rated as normal.


Normal score keeping rules apply except players with clones may stop

keeping score when under 10 minutes if they have multiple games going

on. A clone may get help from another person to continue keeping score.


Join the DCC on or before the day of the tournament to receive

discounted entry fees.


Clocks can be paused in order to request a table shift.