DCC Championship, 2020 December 3 - January 21

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6 round Swiss system tournament.

The months of December and January have been combined to create the DCC Championship tournament. We will be taking the weeks of December 24th and 31st off but will pick back up on Jauary 7th.

Time Control: G70;d5
Site: Hope Fellowship Christian Reformed Church of Denver at 2400 S. Ash, Denver, CO 80222

Directions: One block East of S. Colorado Blvd. on Wesley. Please use rear entrance.

Sections: Premier/U1900/U1500

Players are will only be allowed to play up one section. Unrated Players may only play in the U1900 and Under 1500 Sections.

Entry fee: DCC members $6 per night or $20 for all 4 rounds, Non DCC members $8 or $30 for all, $2 per round discount for children 16 and under.

Prizes: Based on entries. Paid the Tuesday following event by check at club meeting or mailed.
Registration: 6:00-6:50 p.m. You must contact us to let us know you're coming or be here by 6:50 or you WILL NOT be paired. 
Rounds: 7:00 each Tuesday.
E-mail: bpgurka@gmail.com

Bye Policy (Updated):
- Byes for round 1 may be requested at the start of round 2. 
- A last round bye must be requested before the start of the penultimate round. Otherwise a last round bye will be recorded as zero.
- Except for the last round, Players may call in a bye request for any round. Only 2 byes will be allowed for non prepaid players. The player will be charged $3 for each bye.
- Except for the last round, Players prepaid for the month will receive a bye automatically, if not in attendance at the close of registration. 
- Only one bye will count towards prize money. 

An unrated players prize money is restricted to $20.