DCC September Thursdays 2023 September 7 - 28, 2023

NOTE!  Held at a *DIFFERENT LOCATION* than the usual Tuesday tournaments!

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DCC September Thursdays 2023

Thursdays: 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, and 9/28 

A Swiss System 4 round tournament

If circumstances evolve, the Covid-Policy is subject to reinstatement.  Consult denverchess.com  for any last minute changes. 

Date: Thursdays in September 2023 (9/7, 9/14, 9/21, and 9/28)

Time Control: G/70, d/10 (70 minutes each player with 10 second delay before each move)

2 Sections: "1600+ Premier" and "U1600 & Unrated".  Unrated players must play in the U1600 section.

Round Time: 7:05pm

USCF membership is required (uschess.org)

SiteDenver Metro Bridge Studio. 5250 Leetsdale Dr.  Suite 135Denver, CO 80246  

Directions: 1 block off of Leetsdale Dr.    Office Bldg.  Use back door.

Entry Fees:  DCC members: $25 per month or $7 per round. Non-DCC members: $35 per month or $9 per round. Children UNDER 14: $2 off per round or $19 DCC member and $27 non-member. For immediate families, the 3rd family member plays for free (note: online registration does support this, and all 3 must register and pay. A refund will be given, upon check-in to the 3rd family member)

Join or extend Denver Club membership: https://denverchess.com/store

Please login using existing account to check expiration.

Prizes: Based on entries (DCC deducts a set amount to cover expenses and the DCC tour prize fund; the remainder goes to the prize fund)

"1600+ Premier": 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, U1900 prize, and Upset prize

"U1600": 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, U1300 prize, and Upset prize

Registration: Online, or at the door from 6:00 to 6:50 PM.  When registering online, players must still check in at the registration table before the close of registration.  Potential players appearing after 6:50PM will only be accommodated if it does not disrupt the pairing schedule.  Online registration helps speed up checkin and helps for an on-time start.

Limted to 52 players per round due to venue capcity.  Priority given to tournament players over casual players, and first come first serve (check in at the registation desk)

USCF Rule Change:  Rule 13D (late arrival for game) is changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes.  Any late arrival after 30 minutes will result in a forfeit.

Bye Policy: 1 half-point bye is available on request for any one round. Must commit to last round bye before the prior round.

Byes for missed rounds must be requested before the player is paired in a subsequent round.  Once paired, byes for missed rounds cannot be requested.

Pairings: Swiss pairings made by Caisachess.net

Tournament Director:  Weston Taylor

Questions: JC - 303.883.2684 - email

All registrants must check in by 6:50.  PAID players may text "FULL NAME and CHECKIN" to be paired if closeby and/or running late.  This privilege is a promise to show up before forfeit time which could be as early as 7:35.