Clone Wars V Saturday, March 4th, 2023

Clone Wars V

Saturday March 4th, 2023

3 Round MODIFIED Swiss Tournament. 

Time Control: G/45; inc/30. 

Site: Aurora Public Library: Central Branch 

14949 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 739-6600

Format: This event is 1 big open section and players will get a randomized pairing within their score group all 3 rounds.


Pairings will be made using SwissSys pairing software


Entry Fee: 


Solo ($30 pre-registration price, or $25 DCC member)

Add one clone ($50 total pre-registration price or $40 DCC member)

Add second clone ($60 total pre-registration price or $45 DCC member).


Prizes: Modified humble pie.  


Players are financially incentivized to play for a decisive result.  A win is worth 3 shares of the prize pot versus 1 share for a draw.  0 shares awarded for a loss.  


Players are also financially incentivized to register additional clones as the average entry fee goes down as more clones of a player are signed up to play.


In this format, every game counts toward winning prize money!  


The only way you end up receiving no money back is if you lose all 3 games!  Otherwise, you will have earned some shares and win a commensurate portion of the pot!


95% of the pot returned as prizes to the players after the club takes its cut of $150!  The remaining 5% goes toward paying for rating fees and restocking pens and scoresheets.


Please be prepared to accept payment of prizes electronically through Zelle if possible!  If not, checks can still be written.  


However, please note the club is moving toward all electronic payments whether by receiving entry fees or distributing cash prizes.


Registration: online at and closes at 6 pm on Friday March 3rd or 108 total player/clone entries


Rounds 1-3: 10:00 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm 



Phone: Richard Shtivelband / Phone (720) 470-5634. Email:

Tournament Director: Tim Brennan /


A new, exciting, innovative tournament from the DCC. Original idea by Kevin Seidler, developed by Brian Wall and Chris Peterson. Every entrant registers as himself but can also register up to two "clones”, with a maximum of three entries. No one plays themselves. Clones play simultaneously, so each round a player with two clones will get three pairings. All games are rated as normal. Since byes do not count toward money, any number of byes in any round is allowed. Normal score keeping rules apply except players with clones may stop keeping score when under 10 minutes if they have multiple games going on. A clone may get help from another person to continue keeping score.


This is not a DCC Tour Event