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The complete by-laws of the Denver Chess Club can be viewed here: Denver Chess Club By-Laws.

Mission Statement

The Denver Chess Club takes pride in the fact that the first chess club was established in Denver, Colorado, by the founder of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, William Byers, in 1859.

The Denver Chess Club is a not-for-profit membership organization devoted to extending the role of chess in the culture of the city of Denver and its neighboring communities.

The Denver Chess Club promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art, a science, and a source of self improvement, as well as a means for the improvement of society. Chess informs, educates, and fosters the development of players, both professional and amateur, youth and adult. It encourages the development of upstanding personal character, mental and emotional stability, increased personal self-esteem and self-confidence, and mutual respect. The play of chess serves as a means for people to come together in a democratic spirit from diverse social backgrounds. In this role as part of the social fabric of the Rocky Mountain region, The Denver Chess Club unites people of different ages, different ethnicities, opposite genders, different economic and cultural associations, and it promotes chess in American schools.

To these ends, the Denver Chess Club offers a weekly meeting for the conduct of chess tournaments. It offers to the general public, weekly chess classes to educate the public in the rules and tactics of the game, and to ensure the highest level of sportsmanlike behavior and to maintain a body of chess players competitive with other states and other national and international tournament play. The Denver Chess club wholeheartedly endorses the practice of charity, whether in the form of chess sets donated to area schools, or donations of time to give lessons to youth and adult players alike, as well as the conduct of tournaments whose purpose is to raise money to support local institutions. The Denver Chess Club provides an experienced pool of Tournament Directors to assist in scholastic tournaments in the Rocky Mountain Region.

It is the purpose and intention of the Denver Chess Club to set an exemplary standard in the community, and to welcome all inquiries for assistance towards establishing chess programs whenever and wherever such help is requested.

Former DCC President, Bruce Bain

Membership Information

Members of the Denver Chess Club gain several benefits. Monetarily you get discounts on all DCC Events (including the monthly tournaments. You will also be able to play in the club championship at the beginning of every year. Another benefit, democratically, if you feel you have ideas to help run the club better or push the club into the future you'll be able to run for an officer position or, if you do not want to run, you'll be able to vote for the new officers. Finally, with less tangible rewards, you will be supporting the largest and longest running chess clubs in Colorado. To join the Denver Chess Club visit the membership store.

Tournament Information

Apart from the CSCA, the DCC has hosted the most chess tournaments in Colorado. Including on-site month long tournaments every month. The games are set at a time control of G/70 + 10 second delay and one game is played each week. The games are $8 for members, $10 for non-members ($2 off for children under 16), a USCF membership is required to play rated games.

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