DCC November 2022 Report

5:54pm Sunday, December 4th, 2022

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...the DCC Tour prize fund is already well over 2700 dollars.

Bad news for the Denver Chess Club was learning that the church "admin team" intended to raise our rent from $250 a month to $250 a week. Yes, really. Surprising to me, the Pastor of the church had no idea that we had been sent a blunt email message, which essentially said, "sign the new rent contract or get out". We'll know by next week whether a reasonable rent increase will be offered.  The DCC very much wants to stay at our present location, if for no other reason than it's the best room the DCC has ever had. In the event that we are forced out, the DCC President, Richard Shtivelband, has a couple of alternative sites lined up. 

It would be a shame to lose the best room the DCC has ever had, and risk losing attendance at another location. 

Before getting to the November tournament prize winners from both DCC locations, I'd like to mention how fantastic the DCC Tour prize payout is going to be this year. The Tour is entirely funded by withholding a small portion of each DCC tournament entry fee - 25 cents from Tuesday and Thursday nights and 2 dollars from our weekend tournaments. - With the DCC December tournaments still to go, the DCC Tour prize fund is already well over 2700 dollars. Fantastic DCC tournament attendance over the course of the year has made a fantastic year end prize fund. We were able to begin the yearly DCC Tour in 2017 only because Dean Clow is a tech genius. And the standings are found on the webpage that tech genius Chris Peterson created for the Denver Chess Club. 

In that 2017 report, I had the caption to this picture: We think the DCC Tour will be just as intense and exciting as the Tour de France. That was maybe a slight exaggeration :-)

Tuesday Night attendance was again over 100 players playing at least one game, but the weekly registration dipped below 70 players. I'm sure once the holidays are over, we'll be back to our near 80 player average, and hopefully still at our present location. Anyway, on to the Tuesday night Premier section prize winners. You know the competition was tight when in a 5 round tournament three players tied for 1st place with only 3.5 points, and Brian Wall (see diagrams #2 thru #8 below) was not one of them. 

Daniel Herman (b) vs. Matthew Wofford. Juan Brenes in the green hood, Kenzie Moore vs. Richard Shtivelband (yellow shirt)

Richard Shtivelband, Daniel Herman, and Juan Brenes all finished with 3.5 points and they share the combined 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of 390 dollars and 15 cents. Readers may wonder why I spell out dollars and cents instead of using the $ symbol. Simply because instead of seeing just a number, you see dollars and cents. Real money. If that makes cents :-)  

Turpana Molina (b) trying to withstand a Sara Herman attack. Nick Petersen (w) (diagram #10) is pressuring Tyler Mandel.

The 30 dollar Best upset prize was won by Vedant Margale for his big win over the real strong Expert Sara Herman. The 20 dollar Honorable Mention upset goes to Jason McEwen (diagram #14) who won against Expert Joel Senger, who we are glad to see back at the DCC. All three of Turpana Molina's points were upset wins. Jeremy Roldan's 2.5 points came from two upsets and a 4th round bye. 

Luis Jimenez (b) vs. Matthew Sitzman (w). Joel Senger (b) on the other board. 

Luis Jimenez won the Tuesday night U1900 section. with a 1st round draw and then four straight wins, that included upset points in rounds 4 and 5. It's always good to finish strong. This fine performance won 188 dollars and 59 cents for Mr. Jimenez. Mr. Stizman, DCC Vice President, Lex Huberts, Mark Weston, and Maxim Millan all ended up with 3.5 points and they share the combined 2nd and 3rd place prize, with each player winning.47 dollars and 15 cents. Notably Mark and Maxim had a combined total of 8 upsets out of the 10 games they played!!

Madeliene Finch with the Black pieces upsetting Alex Sottile 

Cole Strong won the 30 dollar Best upset prize for his 1st round win over long time DCC player, Bill O'Neil. Cole also had a round 4 win against the much higher rated Jacob Zirin. Who in turn won the 20 dollar Honorable Mention upset prize for his win against the strong Jeff Nohrden in round 1.  In the Tuesday night U1500 section, DCC Secretary, Madeleine Finch and Michael Toth share the combined 1st and 2nd place prize of 301 dollars and 76 cents. Mr. Toth took away a perfect 5-0 score from Madeleine in the last round. Ms. Finch had a big round 2 upset win against Alex Sottile, and I can say from experience, you don't ever want to challenge Madeleine to play some blitz before the round starts :-) 

Vedant Ratnakar (b) vs. Gnaneswar Doppalpudi (w) Other board is Madeleine Finch (b) vs. Michael Toth (w)

Gnaneswar Doppalapudi (diagram #11) and Vedant Ratnakar played to a draw in the last round and they ended up tied for 3rd place with both winning 37 dollars and 72 cents. After a 1st bye all of Vedant's points were upset wins. The actual 30 dollar U1500 Best upset prize was won by Madeleine's brother, Brandt Finch. He won against the way higher rated Justin Moss in Round 5. Tanay Kayaru won the 20 dollar Honorable Mention upset prize by beating Roger Morris in round 1. 

Thursday night attendance is OK, but we would really like to get the average up to around 40-50 players. 

I was glad to see the turnout for the DCC Thursday night special rapid time control, G/30; d5, one section, dual rated 6 round tournament was not bad. We had 2 rounds each Thursday and did not meet on Thanksgiving Day. There were 30 players each night for the first 4 rounds, but then, perhaps due to travel plans for the holiday, only 18 players for the last 2 rounds. Still, I hope the DCC tries this idea again, or maybe even a month of Thursday night Blitz or a Fischer Random tournament. 

Daniel Herman (w) vs. Mitchell Beyer (b). Daniel is asking each of his pieces if they are happy, and usually they are :-)

I really like DCC Tournament Director Brian Ledsworth's prize payout structure. The DCC wants as many players as possible to win prize money. A total of 40 players registered for this tournament and a lot of them won prize money. It seems as though I'm saying Daniel Herman's name a lot. (diagram #1 and #5) Could be because he is winning a lot of games. In the Thursday Premier section, Mr. Herman only allowed a last round draw to Alexander Steger to finish in clear 1st place with 5.5 points and win 115 dollars. Sullivan McConnell, Richard Shtivelband, and Mr. Steger all ended up with 4 points and they share the combined 2nd and 3rd place prize, with each player winning 46 dollars and 67 cents. 

Jermey Roldan also finished with 4 points to take the Thursday U1900 section 1st place prize of 55 dollars and 74 cents. Kristopher Zelkin and Luis Jimeniz tied for 2nd and 3rd place with 3 points, and they each won 27 dollars and 87 cents. Also ending up with 3 points, In the U1500 section, Jacob Zirin and Stan Zborovski share the combined 1st and 2nd prize with each player winning 44 dollars and 59 cents. Tim Mendoza had a big upset win against Will Wolf to take 3rd place and win 22 dollars and 30 cents.  

A Brian Ledsworth innovation was to also have Unrated players prizes. Thus, Mitch Powell and Weston Taylor finishing with 2 points share the combined 1st and 2nd Unrated prize of 46 dollars an76 cents. Richard Eveleigh took the unrated 3rd place prize and won 19 dollars and 11 cents with 1.5 points. The youngster, Rocco Degeest, won the 20 dollar Upset prize for his 412 point rating difference win over the real strong Caleb Pena.  

We'll start the Games Section with a game from Colorado's newest Master, followed by games from Colorado's oldest Master, which with NM Wall's explanations are like mini-chess lessons. And of course, a few games from other DCC players. 

r1b1kb1Q/1pq2p2/p3p2B/4n3/6P1/1N1B4/PPP2r1P/R5K1 b kq - 21 41

1) Matthew Wofford vsDaniel Herman Round 4. Tuesday. Mr. Wofford has just played 21. Bg5-h6 and it looks like Mr. Herman is in trouble. Find the move that causes White to resign. Daniel's comment: "...which defends and attacks and does everything."

r1b1k2r/p1pp1pQp/1pq2n2/8/4PP2/2PBB1P1/P1PK4/R4R2 b kq - 16 31

2) Stan Zborovski vs. Brian Wall. Round 1. Thursday. Brian and Anthea Carson, wrote the kids chess book, "How to Play Chess Like an Animal"   with illustrations by Lynn Trochim. In this position, Brian says Mr. Zborovski played like a Giraffe. Meaning he stuck his neck out and grabbed the g7 pawn with 16. Qg4xg7. Why was that a really bad move? Also see this game on chess.com  for more comments. 

N3r3/pp3pk1/5pp1/n4q2/3Pb3/4PB1p/PP3P1P/2RQ1RK1 w - - 21 42

3) Brian Wall vs. Will Wolf. Round 2. Thursday. In this position NM Wall played 22. Bxe4. What would have been a better move? When you see the final position of this game you'll see why Brian says "Colorado Springs players are late resigners." see Brian answers to diagrams #3, #4a, #6, #7, and #8 below after the last diagram. 

r1bqk2r/pp1pnp1p/4p1p1/2p5/2BbPP2/2NP4/PPP3PP/R1BQ1RK1 w kq - 8 16

4) Brian Wall vs. Craig Moffit. Round 1. Tuesday. Brian says 8...Bg7-d4 is a Theoretical Lemon because "...the Bishop on g7 is perfectly placed while the d4-Bishop is just a target for Knights and pawns." Master level positional knowledge.

r1b1r1k1/pp1qnp1p/3p2pQ/2p2pB1/2B1P3/2PP4/P1P3PP/R4R1K b - - 15 29

4a) the same game Before this position was reached NM Wall had essentially forced Mr. Moffit to trade his dark Bishop for the c3 Knight. After 15. Qh4-h6 Mr. Moffit resigned. Perhaps seeing there is a forced mate in 12, or just disgusted for losing the crucial g7 Bishop. 

1k1r1b1r/p1n2p2/1pp1p1p1/1q1pPn1p/1N1P1P2/PP3BP1/2PQ1B1P/1K1R2R1 b - - 25 49

5) Daniel Herman vs. Brian Wall. Round 3. Tuesday. This position highlights the depth and beauty of chess.  After 25. a3, instead of ...c5 as played in the game, Brian gives this cryptic note: "25 ... a5!!  26. Be2  Queen trap  Bxb4!!  27. c3  Queen trap  Bxc3!!  28.Qa2  Queen Trap complete  Bxd4!!  29 Bxb5  Queen captured  Nxb5" (see the next diagram for the resulting position) then saying, "Two Knights and Two pawns for a Queen plus a Royal Family Fork threat on c3. The Rooks have nowhere to penetrate." I take that to mean luring Mr. Herman into trapping and winning the Black Queen would have simply been brilliant. Of course Daniel would have seen the Queen trap but with the clock ticking away would he have seen the danger of springing the trap? I'm inclined to think that he would have. Brian concludes with, "There were many missed opportunities in this game, but this was the most awesome."

1k1r3r/5p2/1pp1p1p1/pn1pP2p/3n1P2/PP4P1/Q6P/1K1R2R1 w - - 0 31

5a) Hypothetical position if Brian had played 25...a5 and if then Daniel went for the Queen trap. Indeed, the resulting position after the Queen sacrifice looks good for Black. Chess is full of games that could have been :-)

1r4k1/1pp2ppp/3p2n1/p7/P1PPB2q/BQ3P1r/5PRP/R6K b - - 22 43

6) Brian Wall vs. Juan Brenes Round 4. Tuesday. After 22. exd4 NM Wall's comment is: "I have completely screwed this up and now Carlos goes for a slightly better ending instead of the killer shot." Mr. Brenes played 22...Qxe4. What is the "killer shot" that was missed? Nevertheless Mr. Brenes won the game on time. 

3r2k1/ppp2ppp/3b4/6q1/3P4/4r1Nb/PB3PB1/RN1Q1RK1 w - - 18 36

7Brian Wall vs. Alexander Steger Round 5. Tuesday. Brian says in this position after 18... Bb4-d6 his head was spinning with all the different possibilities. And my head fell off as NM Wall was trying to explain the variations to me :-)

4r1k1/ppp2ppp/3b4/8/3P4/3K1Q2/PB4R1/RN5q b - - 25 49

7a) the same game Here, and probably in time pressure, Black plays 25...Bf4. No doubt looking at ...Re8-e3 next. What did Mr. Steger overlook? 

4rrk1/p1q1bppp/1p2n3/2pBp3/8/1P1PP3/PBP3PP/R2Q1RK1 w - - 17 34

8) Brian Wall vs. Vald Yanofsky. This game was played at a recent Jesse Cohen School of Chess tournament. Which are mostly for kids, but they also attract strong adult players. Such as Mr. Yanofsky. After 17...Ra8-e8 NM Wall says he played, "One of my best moves ever" What does Mr. Colorado Chess play in this position?

k3r3/1p2Q1pp/p1b5/q1Pp4/5B2/1P6/P1P2PPP/4R1K1 w - - 23 46

9) Mitch Powell vs. Mitchell Beyer. Round 5. Tuesday. After 23...Rd8-e8 has White blundered the Queen? Why not?

6r1/pp1qnrbk/3p2pp/2pb1p2/2PBPP2/3P3P/PP1QNRBK/6R1 w - - 18 36

10) Nick Petersen vs. Tyler Mandel. Round 2 Tuesday. Black has just played 18...Be6xd5, capturing a Knight. Why was that a bad move? Mr. Petersen provides excellent instructive notes throughout this game.  

r3r1k1/pp2pp1p/2qpn1pB/2p5/1P4P1/P2PR3/2P2P2/Q4K2 b - - 22 43

11) Dylan Cooke vs. Gnaneswar Doppalapudi. Round 1. Tuesday. This game appears with no names or other information in DCC Games, but I recognized the names in Games Search and got the round and day from caissachess. White has just played 22. Rg3 - e3. A very bad move that overlooks a winning move and drops the Queen which has been threatening mate for 2 moves.

rnb1k2r/3p1ppp/pp3n2/2b1qR2/2PNP3/3BB3/PP4PP/RN1Q2K1 b kq - 11 21

12) Robson Glasscock vs. J.C. MacNeil Round 2. Tuesday.  I saw that I would get sufficient material compensation for the Queen by playing 11...Qxd4 but failed to consider 14. e5, and then Mr. Glasscock continued to find good moves till we were both glad to call it a draw. 

r1b1k2r/1pqn1ppp/p2pBn2/8/3NP3/2P2Q2/P1P2PPP/R1B2RK1 b kq - 11 21

13) Archer Murane vs. J.C. MacNeil Round 5. Tuesday. White has just played 11. Bb3xe6 leading to an interesting game that I didn't blunder away for once :-)

r5k1/1b2q1p1/pn1pNb2/2pP3p/4P1n1/1PN2QPB/7P/R1B3K1 b Qq - 0 1

(l4) Joel Senger vs. Jason McEwen. Round 3. Mr. McEwen has not had time to upload the complete game to DCC Games. So he sent a text message to me with this position. Complicating my life. How do i get the position off my phone to here? :-) White has just played Qf1-f3. Your task is to find the move Black plays to "gain a huge advantage" and to tell Jason we want to see the whole game :-) See the solution immediately below.

Jason McEwen's answer to diagram #14

(12) Answer is Nxd5. Game continued exd5 Qxe6 dxe6 Bxf3. And everything falls apart for white.

Brian Wall's answers to diagrams #3, #4a, #6, #7, and #8

3) Best is 22. Bg4!!  Qg5  -7  23. f4 or Nc7

4a) Forced mate 15...Nd5  16. exf5  Qe7  17. fxg6  hxg6  18. Bxe7  Rxe7   19. Bxd5  Bf5  20. Rf4  Rae8 21. h3  Re1+  22. Rxe1  Rxe1+  23. Kh2  Re2  24 Rh4.  Rxg2+  25.  Bxg2  f6  26. Bd5+  Be6.  27 Bxe6#

6) 22 ... Nf4!!  +3  23 Bf5  Nxg2  Only Move   24 Bxh3  Only Move  Qxh3   
Only Move  25 Rg1  Nh4 +4, ... Nf4  +2

7) 19.  Bc1!! ( best not played )    Bxg3  20 Bxe3??  Bh2+  21 Kxh2  Qxg2#

19.  Bc1!! ( best not played )    Bxg3  20 Qf3!!  Rxf3  21 Bxg5  +3.5
Every Black piece is hanging

19.  Bc1!! ( best not played )    Rxg3  20  Bxg5?? =   Rxg2+  21 Kh1   
Rh2+  perpetual check

19.  Bc1!! ( best not played )    Rxg3  20  fxg3!!   Qxg3  21 Qf3  +3

19.  fxe3??  ( played )  Bxg2!! = ( not played )  20 Kxg2??  Qxg3+  21 
Kh1  Qh2#

19.  fxe3??  ( played )  Bxg2!! = ( not played )  20 Rf3!! =  Only Move

19.  fxe3??  ( played )  Qxe3+?? ( played )   20 Rf2 ( played )  +2

8) 18. Rxf7!!    Rxf7  19  Bxe6   winning a critical pawn and all the 
light squares

18. Rxf7!!    Kxf7  19  Qh5+  Kf6  20 Rf1+  mates  Nf4  21 Rxf4#

18. Rxf7!!    Kxf7  19  Qh5+  g6 20  Qxh7+  mates   Kf6  21 Rf1+  Kg5   
22 h4+  Kg4  23 Bxe6+   Rf5  24  Qxg6+  Kxh4  25 g3+  Kh3  26 Bxf5#

18. Rxf7!!    Kxf7  19  Qh5+  Kg8  20  Bxe5, Bf7  +1.5

Congratulations to all the November prize winners and I'm sure all the DCC Tour winners are going to be thrilled to win a late Christmas present next month. Many thanks to all the players who attend the Denver Chess Club. Thanks to Brian Wall and the other players who upload games to DCC Games

Thanks again to all, 

J.C. MacNeil

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