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1:03pm Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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Many possibilities for intrigue and competitive excitement.

Thanks to Ann Davies and Brian Wall, the DCC has a great new idea to make the Tuesday night games even more exciting. The monthly tournament will run as usual, but now players will have the option to play as part of a 3 person team for a chance to win additional prize money. We plan to try out this concept beginning with the DCC August 2019 tournament, with teams forming throughout the month of July.

Ben Gurka - a math major at DU - has devised a mathematical formula to ensure that all teams will have a median rating. Individual team members will not play each other during the course of the month. They will, of course, likely play members of another team and therein lies the excitement. Winning the game for yourself and scoring a point for your team.

Math genius, Ben Gurka, devised a unique formula to make the teams fairly balanced.

The easiest way to form a team will be to choose a player from each DCC Tuesday night section - Premier, U1900, U1500 - but it will also be possible to have team members playing in the same section using Mr. Gurka's formula. See details and examples here Note that Mr. Gurka says "All these numbers and in fact, the whole system could change in time as we accrue more data and see how the team tournaments run." Therefore we would like as many initial teams as possible, to create that database.

Team spirit. 

Entry fee for each team member will be $10 of which 90% of the total will be the team prize fund pool. After round 4, each players score is added for the total team score. 12 points being the maximum total. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded to the winning teams based solely on the total team score. Also, a $15 prize will be given for the best team name. Team prize money will be divided equally between team members.

Thus, say a player has a 4-0 score in August and that player's teammates also won all their games. Then they would each win the normal DCC monthly place prize money, plus that team would take or share the 1st place prize money from the team prize money pool. Also possibly win the 15 dollar Best Team Name prize.

"Let's do this" 

If there is an enthusiastic response to this idea, then the DCC will run the team competition concurrently with the regular DCC monthly tournament from here on out. New teams may form. Teams may drop players and recruit new members. Some players may switch allegiance and play for another team. Teams might trade players... Many possibilities for intrigue and competitive excitement.

"All for one, one for all"

Initially, a team's median rating - the Under 50 number - will be good for a 3 month period, regardless of any individual player's rating change. This will give us 3 months worth of data to evaluate. Then we may skip a month to allow teams to reform to again be in compliance with the median rating number, which may change depending on what's found in the data. I guess we could say this is a beta test run of another innovative idea from the DCC. The goal is to encourage players on the teams to play all 4 rounds each month and to boost the competitive spirit of the club.

Maybe Sullivan McConnell took a look at a teammate's position and is not happy :-)

I am already looking forward to reporting the results of the team competition... "Triple Ripple Dipple" wins the best team name prize and takes 1st place from "Brian's Wall" "McConnell's Mauraders" win against "Shtivelband's Band of Bandits" to take 2nd place :-)

I wanted to put this part of the DCC June report out early, so players could be thinking about the idea and deciding who they would like on their team. 

Comments, recommendations, or criticism of this idea is welcome and would be appreciated.

J.C. MacNeil

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