DCC February 2019 Report

9:24pm Thursday, February 28th, 2019

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...the 2019 Denver Open, scheduled for April 26 - 28th, is not going to be just another weekend tournament.

I am pleased to report we have set a DCC Tuesday night attendance record. For round 2 of the February tournament, we paired 70 players for the USCF rated games. Nicely balanced sections to boot. 11 boards in the Open section, and 12 boards in both the U1900 and U1500 sections. In addition, we are seeing a regular cast of casual players. Making the club more well rounded for all chess players. Our average attendance for the rated games since the first of the year has been over 60 players weekly. In addition to the casual players.

I can't resist adding room shots. We are proud of the growth of the DCC.

I'm also pleased that we are getting the lecture schedule on track. Haroun Mueller-Omar will be doing a regular 1st Tuesday of the month lecture. Check out Mr. Muellar-Omar at http://twitch.tv/ChessGambiteer  Mondays 6:00 - 8:00 PM and Fridays 1:00 - 3:00 PM for the Arena Kings tournament and Fridays at 8:00 PM for chess puzzles. We will also have a regularly scheduled lecture by a knowledgeable player on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The lecture schedule is on the Logged In homepage at https://denverchess.com/ 

As most of you already know, the 2019 Denver Open, scheduled for April 26 - 28th, is not going to be just another weekend tournament. In cooperation with the CSCA, we have gone out on a financial limb to bring in 5 GM's, a WGM, and 4 IM's. IM Danny Rensch, well known as the driving force behind Chess.com, will be taking a bye for the 1st round of the Championship section, and doing a 30 board simul Friday night. Not since the Ed Levy Memorial, way back in 2003, has there been a tournament of this caliber in Colorado.

Through the efforts of the St. Louis Chess Club, interest in chess is on the rise in the United States. Our aim to put Denver on the national chess map. For the 2019 Denver Open, in addition to the titled players, we are hoping for at least a 150 player turnout. Registration of 200 players would be awesome. See the tournament details and register here: https://caissachess.net/online-registration/index/471 and for the simul here: https://caissachess.net/online-registration/index/485 If at all possible, do plan to play in this tournament. Would 250 players be too much to hope for? 300? :-)

Sullivan McConnell and his brother, Griffin, will be playing in the 2019 Denver Open. 

At last, local Colorado Masters and others will have a chance to play up against real strength and possibly gain FIDE rating points. Our young upcoming strong Expert players, such as the McConnell brothers, will not have to travel out of town to play titled players. Class players and spectators will have the chance to see real live professional chess players in action at the board. A successful tournament this year means an even bigger Denver Open next year.

The big news in the DCC February tournament is that neither Gunnar Andersen, Brian Wall, or Richard Shtivelband finished in 1st place of the Open section. Eamon Montgomery won against Mr. Shtivelband in round 3 and then beat Mr. Wall in round 4 to take the clear 1st prize of 131 dollars with a 4-0 sore. (see diagrams #1 and #2 below)

Eamon Montgomery, with the White pieces, on his way to clear 1st place.

Mr. Andersen lost to Sullivan McConnell in round 2 and ended up tied for 2nd place with Mr. Shtivelband. They each finished with 3 points and share the combined 2nd and 3rd place place prize of 128 dollars. Sullivan wins the 20 dollar Upset prize for his win against Gunnar. Incredibly, both players missed seeing a mate in 1 in the game. (diagram #8)

Joe Hubler has White against Haroun Mueller-Omar. 

In the U1900 section, Haroun Mueller-Omar also took clear 1st place with a 4-0 score. Upsetting both Ted Doykos in round 3 and Joe Hubler in round 4. (diagram #3 and #4) Mr. Mueller-Omar fine performance won 119 dollars. Ben Gurka gave up a draw to David Stellar in round 2 and for once did not take 1st place in this section. His 3.5 point score was good for clear 2nd place and Mr. Gurka wins 72 dollars.

I don't think I have ever seen an 8-way tie for 3rd place before, but I'm seeing it now. Joe Hubler, Ted Doykos, Ken Doykos, Randolph Schine, Aditya Krishna, George Peschke, Derek Isabelle, and yours truly all scored 2,5 points. All of us win a whopping 6 dollars and 13 cents. I'm mad because I had Mr. Gurka on the ropes with a completely winning position, but in my "deep calculations" failed to notice a bells and whistles Knight move that forked my Queen. 

In the foreground Ben Gurka playing White against George Peschke. Randolph Schine has the black pieces against Ken Doykos. 

Both Mr. Peschke and Mr. Isabelle played well to earn their points. George allowed a perpetual in a probably a winning position against me in round 1, upset the much higher rated Roger Morris and David Stellar, but ran into the Gurka buzz saw in round 4. Derek had an upset draw against John Krue and an upset win over Roger Redmond. Randolph won a nice game against Bill O'Neil. (diagram #7) Aditya won against Mr. Stellar in the last round to earn his big money :-) The actual U1900 20 dollar Upset prize was won by Micheal Igoe his big 265 point rating difference win over Walter Lowe in round 1.

We had another deserving clear 1st place winner in the U1500 section. Coleman Hoyt also finished with a perfect 4-0 score, to win 119 dollars. Mr. Hoyt is working on his game, and his recent tournament results show his efforts are being rewarded. You don't just get better at this game, you have to work to improve. (diagrams #5 and #6)

Petra Lambert-Gorwyn on the move against Coleman Hoyt.

Five players tied for the combined 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Jacob Zarin, Petra Lambert-Gorwyn, Jared Perlic, Aravind Gurumurthi, and unrated Robert Popa. The first 4 players named win 25 dollars and 25 cents. Mr. Popa wins the 20 dollar restricted unrated prize. Mr. Zarin suffered a big 1st round upset loss, but recovered and won his next 3 games. Ms. Lambert-Gorwyn only lost to Coleman in the last round. Mr. Perlic only lost to Mr. Zarin. Mr. Gurumurthi only lost to Mr. Perlic. I'd say that was real tight competition for the prize money in this section. The U1500 20 dollar Upset prize was won by Vyacheslav Pupko for his huge 378 point rating difference win against Mr. Zarin.

Congratulations to all the prize winners. Thanks to all the players who are making the DCC the place to be on Tuesday nights. Thanks to John Brezina for all the pictures in this report. See more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BNLw58KHGFYxoRsT6  and here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pFYDT3tvwf2JWpbE7

Before getting to the Games section, here is a selection of Mr. Brezina's photos from the 2019 CSCA Scholastic Tournament. 

The 2019 CSCA Scholastic Tournament is up and running. 

In the K-12 division, Griffin McConnell, on the left, finished in 2nd place. Akshat Jain took 1st place with a perfect 6-0 score

Sullivan McConnell, in the hood, won his last round game against Neil Bhavikatti, to finish 1st In the K-9 division

A smile for the camera.

Another nice smile. 

I can move with one hand, write down the move with the other, and be too cute, all at the same time :-) 

What's that Bishop doing in my space? 

The CSCA does not skimp on the scholastic trophies.

See all of Mr. Brezina's photos form the Scholastic tournament here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/inpiPmz2u7iS5Jdt9

Let's start the games section with this great game from the Open section winner. 

4rbk1/1b3ppp/pp2pn2/3NR3/2Pr4/1P6/PB4PP/1B3R1K b - - 20 39

1) Richard Shtivelband vs. Eamon Montgomery. Round 3. White has just played  22. Nd5. Mr. Shtivelband's comment: "I played 22. Nd5 and put this knight on a square that could be captured 4 different ways.  I just couldn't resist playing into such a sequence and this is what I had in mind when I played 16. e5 and sacrificed a pawn." Master level tactics follow, with Mr. Montgomery counter attacking with precision. Perhaps ruing 22. Nd5, Richard says, "Sometimes striving for beauty in chess gets in the way of winning the game." https://denverchess.com/games/view/18331 

2r1r1k1/R1nqp3/3p2p1/2pP2B1/2p4Q/6P1/5PK1/7R b - - 31 61
2) Eamon Montgomery vs. Brian Wall. Round 4. Final Position. Black resigns. Not being at all qualified to comment on this game, I'll quote Mr. Wall. "Eamon and I agreed that Black seemed to be winning but then drifted into getting checkmated." Which was answered by Chris Peterson with, "I'm having a hard time seeing when black was ever winning." and "Maybe later in the game, there was a better way to hold the kingside together but it looks like a steamroll after the opening." Chris gives a couple of astute suggestions for different moves in the game. (see his comments after the last diagram)  But first play through the game, then see if you agree with Mr. Petersen. https://denverchess.com/games/view/18325 Then you can try to wade through the dense computer analysis :-) https://denverchess.com/games/view/18332 

r2qk2r/1p1n1ppp/p3p1b1/2bpP3/3B1PP1/2N5/PPP1Q1BP/2KR3R w kq - 13 26
3) Haroun Mueller-Omar vs. Ted Doykos. Round 3. After 13... Bf8-c5, what is the the nice positional move that Haroun plays in this position. https://denverchess.com/games/view/18329 As always, Mr. Mueller-Omar's comments are illuminating. 

r2qkbnr/pp2pppp/2n5/1B1pN3/6b1/2N5/PPPP1PPP/R1BQK2R b KQkq - 6 11
4) Joe Hubler vs. Haroun Mueller-Omar. Round 4. Mr. Hubler has just played 6. Nf3-e5, looking for tactical play. Calculate like Mr. Mueller-Omar and win a piece. https://denverchess.com/games/view/18330 Mr. Mueller-Omar's comments for this and the previous diagram are quite instructive.  

8/8/p2r2p1/1p2k1P1/1P1R3P/3K4/P7/8 w - - 45 90
5) Endgame Emancipatee Coleman Hoyt vs. Elijah Warick. Round 1. Black has just played 45... R6-d6. Allowing the "Endgame Emancipatee" to trade into a "Gunnar Andersen" winning pawn ending. https://denverchess.com/games/view/18258 and observe his technique.

r2r2k1/5ppp/p1p5/3bq3/1P4P1/P4P1P/3QB1K1/2RR4 b - - 27 53
6) Petra Lambert-Gorwyn vs. Champion Coleman Hoyt. Round 4. In this position "Champion Coleman" played 27... h7-h5. What would have been a better move? https://denverchess.com/games/view/18326 

r1b1k2r/pp4p1/n2p3p/1N1Qqp2/2P1p2P/P3P3/1P3PP1/3RKB1R w KQkq - 17 34
7) Randolph Schine vs. Bill O'Neil. Round 3. After 17. Nd4-b5 Black replied ... Nb8-a6 to defend the c7 square. White to move and win. https://denverchess.com/games/view/18307

1b6/1p5k/p1q3nn/P1p1prp1/3p4/2PP2PP/BP2QP1K/R5R1 b - - 30 59
8) Gunnar Andersen vs. Sullivan McConnell. In this position, Black plays the excellent move 30... Ng6-h4. Mr. Andersen says. "This was a very unpleasant move to see on the board." White then played 31. Rg1-ci. Black replied 31... Nh4-f3 and went on to win in 20 more moves.  Do you see how he could have won immediately? https://denverchess.com/games/view/18277 

r2q1knr/1bNp1pb1/ppnP3p/4P3/1PB3p1/1Q3N2/P4PPP/R1B1R1K1 w - - 17 34
9) "Worlds greatest Ponziani expert" Brian Wall vs. Sullivan McConnell. Round 3. Black has just played 17... g5-g4, which is awarded 2 question marks by Mr. Wall, and the Worlds greatest Ponziani expert proceeds to unleash a Brian Wall attack. How would you begin? https://denverchess.com/games/view/18301 

6k1/pp5p/2p1p1p1/6P1/1PPPB1pP/K3n1R1/P3r3/8 b - - 33 65
10) Brian Wall vs. Griffin McConnell. Round 1. Extra game. The story here is Griffin's opponent did not show up for the round, and Brian agreed to play his pairing with Vedanth Sampath and this rated extra game with Griffin simultaneously. Adding to the difficulty of playing 2 games was that the games were on separate tables, and Mr. Wall had to keep getting up and going back and forth. Consequently after reaching this position, maybe Mr. Wall regretted his decision to play a mini simul :-) Black to move and win a piece. https://denverchess.com/games/view/18263

Chris Peterson's comments on diagram #2

"A couple of improving moments in the opening jumped out at me. 10... fxe4 looks weird. Why not just drive the knight away with h6 and win the e4 pawn? You won't be able to hold onto it but you'll gain some valuable tempi while white regroups and may have a disruptive e3 at some point. Also 13... Bd7 looks passive. I wonder if an improvement would be Nxe4 and developing the bishop to f5 or h3 depending on how white recaptures." 

Thanks to all,
J.C. MacNeil

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