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  • DCC July 2022 Report

    The DCC provides the opportunity.

    Last month I called the Tuesday night registration of 121 USCF rated players astounding. This month we exceeded that figure in the first two weeks and went on to have 144 players play at least one game. With an average weekly attendance of 87 players. So what am I going to call this level of DCC attendance? Phenomenal. Incredible. Breathtaking, Stunning. Astonishing. The... Read more >>

    7/30/2022 at 2:23pm Views: 377

  • John Brezina's Sunil Weeramantry Lecture Report

    "His superb teaching and communication skills came through clearly..."

    Quoting John Brezina: "The Parker Chess Club had a special guest return and deliver another superb lecture to a crowd of over fifty Colorado chess fans. I had the honor of hosting Sunil Weeramantry for his visit to the club along with other special guest visitors. Mr. Weeramantry is the Executive Director of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation and renowned chess coach and author. He has... Read more >>

    7/27/2022 at 2:29pm Views: 229

  • John Brezina's Report from Madrid

    "... then entertained the crowd by acting as a fan waiting for an autograph from Fabiano Caruana."

     As always, It is my pleasure to select and caption John Brezina's terrific photography, and to also share his written report from the international chess tournaments that he is privileged to attend. This one is special, as it is from Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Site of the recent FIDE Candidates Tournament to determine Magnus Carlsen's challenger for... Read more >>

    7/7/2022 at 4:32pm Views: 362

  • DCC June 2022 Report trying too hard to win a drawn position and then blundering away the draw...

    DCC attendance continues to grow. I began writing these monthly DCC reports with the DCC Year End Report in 2014. Quoting myself, "...with the relatively low average turnout of 18 players...". Then in the DCC January 2019 Report, i have this: "...For the first time we averaged over 60 players for each round." Thus, I can't tell you how pleased I am to report that... Read more >>

    6/29/2022 at 8:13pm Views: 412

  • DCC May 2022 Report

    ... it's clear that all three sections are highly competitive.

    Clearly the Denver Chess Club is doing something right. As you can see in the heading photo, it isn't just old men playing chess at the DCC. After the fantastic registration for the recent Denver Open, we once again had over 100 players playing at least one game on Tuesday night. I imagine that the USCF loves us since we are signing up new USCF members on a regular basis. What I most... Read more >>

    6/2/2022 at 11:51am Views: 475

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