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  • DCC 2020 April Report

    Gunnar berserks nearly every game and wins quickly regardless of who he is playing.

    When we had to cancel the last 3 rounds of the 5 round March tournament as a coronavirus precaution, we thought we would just play those rounds the last three Tuesdays of April. That plan went out the window when Colorado was sensibly ordered to stay at home by Colorado Governor Polis. Then we thought we will just delay the games till the last three Tuesdays of May. That didn't... Read more >>

    5/1/2020 at 12:46pm Views: 406

  • DCC March Report: "Culture of Fear"

    Thanks to Alayne Wilinsky, the DCC is not totally dead in the water.

    The title of this report is from an album by the Thievery Corporation. The title song includes the lyric: "It seems like they want us to be afraid..." Another song that I think applies to the times we are living in is by the Drive-By Truckers, "Shut up and get on the plane" which includes the lyrics: "When it comes your time to go there ain't no good way to go about it" and perhaps even... Read more >>

    3/20/2020 at 1:10pm Views: 491

  • DCC 2020 February Report.

    ...and thanks to all the new players who are making the DCC a thriving, vibrant chess club. 

    I saw an NBC online news article   by Jason Abbruzzese and Kalhan Rosenblatt. "Fast-and-loose culture of esports is upending once staid world of chess". It is news of how online chess streaming is attracting more and more players to chess. Mainly the article is about Alexandra Botez. A young enthusiastic live streaming chess player. I... Read more >>

    2/29/2020 at 12:01pm Views: 436

  • Cairns Cup 2020 & Colorado State Scholastic Championships

    "We have a great year of chess still ahead of us with the Candidates in March and the U.S. Championships in April back here in St. Louis followed by our own Denver Open in May"

    Here again, we have excellent John Brezina reports and fantastic photos from a stellar international event hosted by the St. Louis Chess club, and the same for a premier CSCA tournament. He recently attended the 2nd annual Carin's Cup in St. Louis and the CSCA Scholastic Championship tournament here in Colorado. We are privileged to have Mr. Brezina bringing us these reports from all over the... Read more >>

    2/27/2020 at 1:03pm Views: 682

  • Excellent John Brezina Reports and Photographs

    " would hardly imagine the best chess players in the world gathering."

    In this report, John Brezina, Colorado's tireless world-traveling chess reporter, and superb photographer brings us news and pictures from a premier international event, a fun local tournament, and a star Colorado player's simul at the Denver Chess Club. Let's start off with Mr. Brezina's summary of Gunnar Andersen's simul. Followed by his report and photos from the Tata Steel tournament and... Read more >>

    2/6/2020 at 1:43pm Views: 688

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