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  • 2019 London Chess Classic Report

    "There was something going on for any type of chess fan..."

    The stage is set in London... Once again John Brezina, our local globe trotting chess reporter, brings us an excellent report from the International chess world. This time from the 2019 London Chess Classic, the grand finale of the FIDE 2019 Grand Chess Tour. In this report, Mr. Brezina also includes a summary of the British Knockout Championship and the FIDE Open tournament that ran in... Read more >>

    12/18/2019 at 2:00pm Views: 313

  • DCC November 2019 Report

    "...was very ecstatic to have had the opportunity to play the State champ." " were very inspired by the stronger players..."

    Before getting to who won what in the DCC November tournament, I'd like to present another excellent John Brezina report. This time from the exotic location of Parker, Colorado :-) Mr. Brezina runs quarterly tournaments at the Parker library. These fun, unrated, no entry fee, tournaments are open to all and are becoming more and more popular, as shown by the heading photo. This is a good thing... Read more >>

    11/30/2019 at 5:11pm Views: 613

  • DCC October 2019 Report

    ...and we would like to hear criticism, encouragement, or other ideas for what you would like at what could be the biggest and best tournament ever in Colorado.

    Hard to say if we were correct in canceling the last round of the October tournament due to inclement weather. We did have 4 complete rounds so it was more or less a normal monthly tournament. The forecast was for snow all day and into the evening along with freezing cold temperatures. So, of course, there was not as much snow and not as cold as predicted. But still nasty weather and bad... Read more >>

    10/31/2019 at 10:49am Views: 621

  • DCC 2019 Fall Classic Tournament

    Kudos to Mr. McConnell and the CSCA for starting up both programs. Nothing but good can come from these CSCA endeavors. 

    Before getting to the Fall Classic report I'd like to start off by talking about women in chess. I got to thinking about this after reading an article by Leon Watson in The Telegraph (a United Kingdom newspaper). Mr. Watson reports on comments made by the "Queen of Chess", GM Hou Yifan, a former Women's World Champion.  GM Hou Yifan playing for the Women's World Championship.Stunning... Read more >>

    10/17/2019 at 7:46pm Views: 649

  • DCC August - September 2019 Report

    The DCC Premier section has been taken over by kids playing Master level chess.

    Before getting to the DCC August - September report, I'd like to relate what the  Denver Chess Club has planned for the 2020 Denver Open to be held April 30th thru May 3rd. Yes, that's right, we are planning a 4-day chess extravaganza. The DCC 2019 Denver Open was one of the best tournaments ever held in Colorado and is still being talked about by IM Danny Rensch on one of  his... Read more >>

    9/26/2019 at 3:19pm Views: 644

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