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  • DCC August 2021 Report

    I hope they have found their DCC experience to be exciting as well as beneficial. 

    We were all anticipating the return of DCC Tuesday night tournament games. Not knowing if the registration would be high or low after 19 months of being closed due to the nationwide pandemic, and with the DCC requiring a full COVID vaccination. In addition to requiring players to also sign a DCC liability waiver. We did not in our wildest dreams anticipate that the re-opening at the... Read more >>

    9/4/2021 at 4:38pm Views: 145

  • DCC Almost Normal Tournament Report

    ... and the whole room broke out in applause.

    What a great follow up we had to the DCC "Nearly Normal"  tournament. Our "Almost Normal" tournament attracted over 70 players. Just an excellent turnout for a one day event. In both of these tournaments nearly half of the players were Unrated. Clear evidence that DCC tournaments are attracting new players to USCF rated tournament chess. Apparently, due to a large... Read more >>

    8/2/2021 at 2:48pm Views: 411

  • DCC May/June 2021 Report

    "In any case, DCC events always seem to have it right!"

    Yahoo, Yipee, Yabba dabba doo, Hot diggity, Hooray and Hallelujah. After 15 months of only internet chess, the Denver Chess Club finally had a live over the board nearly normal tournament. I was jumping for joy, up until I lost all three of my games by playing really bad moves in winning positions. I plan to avenge myself in the DCC Almost... Read more >>

    6/21/2021 at 8:52am Views: 577

  • DCC March/April 2021 Report

    "Nevertheless, I was undaunted in this quest."

    The heading photo is a typical picture of the DCC Tuesday night tournament from March 2019 and up till March of last year it was only getting better. And here we are well past March of this year and still not meeting weekly on Tuesdays, but... Real good news is the DCC finally has a live, in person, over the board USCF rated tournament scheduled. We are calling it "nearly normal"... Read more >>

    4/25/2021 at 12:24pm Views: 663

  • DCC January/February 2021 Report

    ... but I am holding out hope that we can have the DCC Fall Classic.

    It's been nearly a full year since the Denver Chess Club has met in person for over the board chess. I remember how we were all thinking we would be able to play the last 3 rounds of the 2020 March tournament in April or surely in May. And be back to our regular monthly tournament in June. Everybody knows that didn't happen. The 2020 Denver Open - that was destined to surpass the... Read more >>

    2/26/2021 at 2:07pm Views: 830

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