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  • Tata Steel Tournament 2024

    " were reminded that chess had taken over."

    Once again John Brezina brings us a terrific report on the outstanding Tata Steel chess tournament held annually in the town of Wijk Aan Zee, on the coast of the Netherlands. This great tournament features the best in the world players, their upcoming challengers, and amateur players from all over the world. John Brezina, press badge and all :-)Quoting John Brezina: "For 86... Read more >>

    2/16/2024 at 11:43am Views: 145

  • DCC January 2024 Report

    "There is a grass-roots energy to the fabric of this organization, a tangible camaraderie." 

    The heading photo by Shirley Herman is a Chess Dad who brought his kids to the club just so they could play casual chess in the atmosphere of the DCC. How cool was that? I say it was way cool. Teaching a child to play chess means they always have something to do, instead of their chores or school homework :-)Nicole Hagg - Chess Mom of DCC Scholastic... Read more >>

    2/3/2024 at 3:50pm Views: 273

  • DCC 2024 Tribute to Martin Luther King Tournament

    ...unlike online chess, this is the real thing.

    The DCC named this tournament a Tribute to Martin Luther King because if anyone is worthy of tributes, it is Mr. King. Understanding that racism is abhorrent, Reverend King devoted his life, and ultimately gave his life to have people judged by the "content of their character" rather than the "color of their skin." This great man could also be addressed as Doctor King, having earned... Read more >>

    1/19/2024 at 2:27pm Views: 296

  • DCC December 2023 Report play competitive USCF rated chess for pride, rating points, and substantial prize money. 

    The DCC is the only chess club I'm familiar with, but I believe we would stack up against any other. If not tower over them. I believe our premier weekend tournament, the Denver Open, has put us on the national tournament map. Meaning nationwide players are aware of the Denver Open and eagerly await the annual TLA. In addition, we have the DCC Spring Classic,  the DCC Fall... Read more >>

    1/2/2024 at 2:16pm Views: 262

  • John Brezina's St. Louis Rapid & Blitz Report

    "Chess is tough and blitz chess is brutal."

    Quoting John Brezina:  "St. Louis Rapid & Blitz November 18, 2023. I returned to St. Louis for the last day of blitz action as part of the Grand Chess Tour’s Rapid & Blitz tournament. The first three days were rapid games while the final two days were eighteen rounds of blitz. A feast for fans watching online as the action was nonstop. Five boards with ten of the best players in... Read more >>

    12/9/2023 at 2:26pm Views: 165

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