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  • DCC June 2024 Report

    Then when you look at your opponent with the touched piece in your hand, he is smiling :-) 

    The heading photo is Forrest Lundstrom, Wyatt Wear, and Ben DeGuire engaged in some post game analysis. Chess is an ongoing learning experience. The depth of chess fascinates me, as I'm sure it does for all chess players. I wouldn't be surprised if books on or about chess outnumber all other gamebooks combined. As in all sports, there are professionals and amateurs... Read more >>

    6/30/2024 at 3:55pm Views: 3,508

  • DCC 2024 Denver Open report

    ... this game that has lasted through the centuries and is only becoming more popular. 

    Once again, we had a great registration for the Denver Chess Club 2024 Denver Open. The 180 player registration included GM Bryan Smith, and FIDE Master, Hersh Singh. Both of whom were coming of their own volition. Unfortunately, Mr. Singh missed the connecting flight to Denver and had to withdraw from the tournament. These things happen but hopefully, both players will... Read more >>

    6/19/2024 at 12:48pm Views: 6,012

  • DCC May 2024 Report

    ... with that unabashed bragging about the DCC Denver Open...

    The heading photo is unabashed bragging about Tuesday night attendance, as I am prone to do :-) With the 2024 DCC Denver Open coming up on June 15th and 16th I thought I'd review how this great DCC event has in my opinion, become the premier Colorado chess tournament. Going back to 2015 when we had GM Gata Kamsky and IM Justin Sarker along with 130 other players. In 2016 we... Read more >>

    6/1/2024 at 8:06pm Views: 5,842

  • John Brezina's FIDE Candidates Report

    " either becoming a world champion challenger would be exciting and great for American chess."

    Once again John Brezina brings us an International GM tournament report. This time from the recent FIDE Candidates Tournament held in Canada. The heading photo is the trophies that were awarded to the Men's and Women's Championship winners. As always, I am pleased to select and caption Mr. Brezina's fantastic photography.The tournament winners showing off their trophies. Tan... Read more >>

    5/26/2024 at 11:39am Views: 180

  • DCC April 2024 Report

    ...think of the DCC as being a gymnasium for your brain.

    All these years later, I finally know what I'm doing thanks to Liesl Johnson and her Make Your Point column. With these reports, I am singing the praises and "extolling" the virtues of the Denver Chess Club. There are other sports where it's all you - in Golf, it's you against the course, or one on one in sports like Tennis, Boxing, Pool, and others where there is little or no luck... Read more >>

    5/2/2024 at 4:56pm Views: 398

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