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  • DCC March 2018 Tournament

    Okay, maybe not quite as exciting as the Candidates, but chess at the DCC is good and getting better.

    Heading photo is the 2018 Denver Chess Club Champions with their awesome trophies. Left to right,  Josh Bloomer, Open Champion. Daniel Ruvins, U1900 Champion. Meint Olthof, U1500 Champion. The following photos of the FIDE 2018 Candidates Tournament Champion were taken by John Brezina, who was there for round 3. When he is not traveling all over the world, Mr. Brezina runs the... Read more >>

    3/29/2018 at 11:19am Views: 186

  • DCC February 2018 Report

    Brian Wall and I, along with Dean Clow and the other DCC board members, want the DCC to grow and someday rival St. Louis as a force in American chess. Dreaming right now, but it says here, why not?

    I am pleased to report that for 8 of the first 9 Tuesdays of the New year we have had over 50 players in attendance at the Denver Chess Club. On a bitter cold, snowy Tuesday in the 3rd week of February, we "only" had 44 players. What we need now is more higher rated players to play on Tuesday nights. Richard Shtivelband is proving to be a force, and I know he would like other Masters, besides... Read more >>

    3/1/2018 at 11:32am Views: 406

  • DCC 2018 Championship Report

    The room was full of exuberant, energetic chess players having a good time.

    What a great start we had to the New Year at the Denver Chess Club. We kicked off the first Tuesday of the New Year with our annual Pizza Party. Provided free of charge by the DCC. I am guessing there was over 70 people in the room. Mostly rated players there for the 1st round of the 3 section DCC championships, but also several casual players, and the usual chess parents. The room was full of... Read more >>

    2/2/2018 at 4:04pm Views: 406

  • 2018 Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Anyone who thinks tournament chess is not a grueling competitive sport, doesn't play the game.

    The Civil War began in 1861 when several Southern states pushed for state rights to expand slavery. Slaves were considered to be property rather than people. Bought, traded, and sold in the same way that you would sell cattle. After 4 years of intense combat, 750,000 deaths and the infrastructure of the South destroyed, the Confederate army surrendered. Slavery was abolished, and 4 million... Read more >>

    1/16/2018 at 1:06pm Views: 293

  • DCC 2017 Review and Survey

    ".... we are here to play chess, take us to Brian Wall"

    2017 Year End Review: Before getting to the December 2017 Quick Tournament report let me review a few statistics relating to the state of the Denver Chess Club's Tuesday night tournaments. First, I want to say what I really like about Dean Clow's CassiaChess software is its record keeping. We now have accurate attendance figures and prize money accounting for over two years. The records... Read more >>

    12/27/2017 at 4:01pm Views: 531

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