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  • DCC January 2019 Report

    They come into the playing room and say, "Wow, I didn't expect this many people."

    I started writing these monthly DCC reports with the 2014 Year End Tournament report. Generally I would start off by talking about DCC attendance. Quoting myself in that first Year End report: "...with the relatively low average turnout of 18 players...". Then, to show the growth of the DCC, I pulled a quote from each year going forward. "April 2015, "...our average for the month was still... Read more >>

    1/31/2019 at 6:54pm Views: 385

  • DCC 2019 Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Sadly... it cannot be said that racism has been eradicated from the American conscience.

    Once again the DCC staged a Tribute to Martin Luther King chess tournament. I am pleased that we say "Tribute to..." If anyone is deserving of gratitude, respect, and admiration, it is this man. The heading photo is from the Apple corporation homepage. As they have done in previous years, they chose to honor Martin Luther King's life and work in this way again. Dr. King was a tireless... Read more >>

    1/21/2019 at 8:02pm Views: 271

  • John Brezina's 2018 London Chess Classic Report

    On to the large playing hall that seated a large group of chess school children each day.

    Globe trotting John Brezina has wrote an excellent summary of the 2018 London Chess Classic. Of course, he has also provided great pictures for us to enjoy. Mr. Brezina once again allowed me to select and caption the photos used in this report. See all of John's photos from this event here: I went back to London for the final leg of the Grand Chess... Read more >>

    12/30/2018 at 4:16pm Views: 137

  • DCC 2018 Year End Report

    The international attention given to the recent World Chess Championship belies the claim that chess is not a spectator sport.

    I imagine the heading photo to be a giant chessboard floating in space. Where alien star travelers occasionally stop to play a game. I am sure they consider chess to be an art, and also a science, as well as a sport. Chess is art because it is creative and has inspired countless works of art. Chess is science because it provides a field of study, and has a big part in the... Read more >>

    12/27/2018 at 8:44am Views: 522

  • John Brezina's 2018 World Championship Report

    I consider it an absolute privilege that I am able to travel to these events and share my experience with all of you... and share the joy chess brings to me.

    John Brezina has produced a superb report from the World Championship that was held recently in London, England.  Of course, he also took some great pictures. John allowed me the liberty of inserting and captioning the photos. See all of Mr. Brezina's terrific photos from the event here: The setting is London, November 9-28,... Read more >>

    12/8/2018 at 8:07am Views: 453

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