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  • DCC February 2023 Tournaments Report

    I doubt if any other local chess club anywhere is paying out this level of prize money to this many players.

    First a note about the pictures used in this DCC report: The heading photo is from the Cottonbro Studio. Other pictures that are crisp, clear, and in focus are likely by Shirley Herman. Blurry out of focus pictures are by your reporter. And instead of identifying players, you get some "witty" captions. See game diagrams as usual following the written report... Read more >>

    3/3/2023 at 4:38pm Views: 391

  • DCC January 2023 Report

    So, now that I'm done preaching to the choir...

    I thought the heading photo by Tima Miroshnichenko was an artistic representation of the rise of interest in chess. When the servers crash due to so many people trying to join the site - something like doubling their membership overnight - it's a sure sign that Americans are realizing what the rest of the world has known for centuries. Chess is a worthwhile endeavor.... Read more >>

    2/4/2023 at 3:30pm Views: 385

  • John Brezina's Tata Steel Tournament Report

    "A stunned Giri looked on in disbelief..."

    Once again, we are treated to a John Brezina report from the Tata Steel International GM tournament at Wijk Aan Zee. Other sources may have the results of the tournament, but they don't have Mr. Brezina's fantastic photography, or his up close and personal views of the games as they are happening. Enjoy!! The Heading photo is the Tata Steel tournament in progress. The crowd of... Read more >>

    2/3/2023 at 5:20pm Views: 432

  • DCC 2023 Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Colorado doesn't see players of this caliber often...

    As always it is an honor for the Denver Chess Club to have a chess tournament as a tribute to Martin Luther King on his national holiday weekend. In cooperation with the Aurora Library system - and in particular, with Librarian Corina Iannaggi. Super organizer Richard Shtivelband on the left, three super Grandmasters from Texas in the center, and... Read more >>

    1/20/2023 at 11:51am Views: 625

  • DCC December 2022 Report

    The DCC is like an ATM dispensing tournament prize money :-)

    First, the good news is the DCC will be staying at our current location. Thanks to Pastor Sheri Admiraal negotiating with the church admin team on our behalf, a much more reasonable rent agreement has been signed by returning DCC President, Brian Wall. Attendance at the DCC over the course of the past year has been fantastic. We averaged over 100 players registering for our Tuesday night... Read more >>

    12/31/2022 at 4:38pm Views: 564

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