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  • DCC February 2019 Report

    ...the 2019 Denver Open, scheduled for April 26 - 28th, is not going to be just another weekend tournament.

    I am pleased to report we have set a DCC Tuesday night attendance record. For round 2 of the February tournament, we paired 70 players for the USCF rated games. Nicely balanced sections to boot. 11 boards in the Open section, and 12 boards in both the U1900 and U1500 sections. In addition, we are seeing a regular cast of casual players. Making the club more well rounded for all chess players.... Read more >>

    2/28/2019 at 9:24pm Views: 349

  • St. Louis Champions Showdown Report

    ... a once in a lifetime trip that every chess player should make.

    Once again John Brezina attended a great St. Louis Chess Club tournament. This time accompanied by Kevin Seidler. We have the benefit of them both writing about their experience at the St. Louis Champions Showdown. Which was another interesting tournament format from the premier chess club in America. Mr. Brezina has again allowed me the privilege of selecting and captioning his photos... Read more >>

    2/27/2019 at 12:56pm Views: 191

  • John Brezina's Cairns Cup Report

    Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield have and continue to do so much for chess. Elevating it to the professional standards it deserves.

    Through his travels, John Brezina has become acquainted with many of the movers and shakers in the chess world. Including Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield, founders of the of the St. Louis Chess Club. We all know the Sinquefield's are doing wonders for chess here in the United States. Most recently staging the Cairns Cup. Here is Mr. Brezina's report and photos from that event. I'm pleased that once... Read more >>

    2/20/2019 at 12:03pm Views: 315

  • DCC January 2019 Report

    They come into the playing room and say, "Wow, I didn't expect this many people."

    I started writing these monthly DCC reports with the 2014 Year End Tournament report. Generally I would start off by talking about DCC attendance. Quoting myself in that first Year End report: "...with the relatively low average turnout of 18 players...". Then, to show the growth of the DCC, I pulled a quote from each year going forward. "April 2015, "...our average for the month was still... Read more >>

    1/31/2019 at 7:54pm Views: 509

  • DCC 2019 Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Sadly... it cannot be said that racism has been eradicated from the American conscience.

    Once again the DCC staged a Tribute to Martin Luther King chess tournament. I am pleased that we say "Tribute to..." If anyone is deserving of gratitude, respect, and admiration, it is this man. The heading photo is from the Apple corporation homepage. As they have done in previous years, they chose to honor Martin Luther King's life and work in this way again. Dr. King was a tireless... Read more >>

    1/21/2019 at 9:02pm Views: 341

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