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  • DCC October 2023 Report

    It's when you win or lose the money :-)

    The heading photo is TD Peter Barlay just waiting for me to violate the rules :-) All the Tuesday night photos in this report are by John Brezina. They show Mr. Brezina's talent for capturing the expressions of chess players. Such as youngster, James Corbett, being not happy about something :-)At any chess tournament - regardless of the number of... Read more >>

    11/4/2023 at 3:55pm Views: 423

  • John Brezina's U.S. Championship Report

    "... who have transformed US chess into such a prestigious pursuit..."

    Quoting John Brezina: "The 2023 US Chess Championships took place October 5-18 in St. Louis hosted by the St. Louis Chess Club for the 15th year in a row. Over those years it has been elevated to the premier US event with first class facilities and prize payouts thanks to Rex & Jeanne Sinquefield. Twelve of the best players returned to the US Championship field on the men's side and the top... Read more >>

    10/29/2023 at 11:37am Views: 274

  • DCC 2023 Fall Classic Report

    ... snatch defeat from the jaws of an opponent's victory

    There is no question that the popularity of chess continues to rise. Looking over the registration list for the 2023 DCC Fall Classic, I didn't recognize even half the names. Back in the day, Brian Wall and I could name any player in the room. Mainly because there were nowhere near as many players and it was pretty much the same players at each tournament. I'm glad to say... Read more >>

    10/19/2023 at 11:50am Views: 578

  • DCC September 2023 Tournaments Report

    ... having all that prize money in his pocket.

    Thanks to Mike Maloney, the Volodymyr Foundation, a humanitarian aid organization in Livi, Ukraine, has received 40 dollars and 61 cents from the DCC. Representative Maria Kvit-Flynn acknowledged the donation with a Thank You letter addressed to "Denver Chess Club Players". Mr. Maloney had asked DCC players to donate, and DCC players chipped in. The odd 61 cents was all one... Read more >>

    9/30/2023 at 1:40pm Views: 600

  • John Brezina's St. Louis Report

    "...where theory is no longer relevant."

    Once again John Brezina brings us an excellent report from St. Louis. This time reporting and photographing the "2023 Champions Showdown Chess 9LX". A Fischer Random tournament with an all star Grand Master cast. Why "Chess 9LX" is beyond me, but with all Rex Sinquefield is doing for American chess he can title his awesome St. Louis chess tournaments in any way he... Read more >>

    9/16/2023 at 9:05am Views: 510

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