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  • Excellent John Brezina Reports and Photographs

    " would hardly imagine the best chess players in the world gathering."

    In this report, John Brezina, Colorado's tireless world-traveling chess reporter, and superb photographer brings us news and pictures from a premier international event, a fun local tournament, and a star Colorado player's simul at the Denver Chess Club. Let's start off with Mr. Brezina's summary of Gunnar Andersen's simul. Followed by his report and photos from the Tata Steel tournament and... Read more >>

    2/6/2020 at 12:43pm Views: 348

  • DCC Year End and Championship Report

    For me winning a chess tournament prize check is like money falling from the sky.

    Both attendance and prize money payout increased by around 17% during 2019 at the DCC, Are monthly average Tuesday night attendance was 84 players playing at least one game each month. We paired over 70 players twice in the month of April and our average weekly attendance over the course of the year was more than 60 players each week. We are also seeing an increase in casual players at the... Read more >>

    1/30/2020 at 1:27pm Views: 404

  • DCC 2020 Tribute to Martin Luther King

    ... then you know that refusal took an enormous amount of courage. 

    Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who stood up against injustice. The  "content of his character", and "not the color of his skin", enabled Reverend King to better the lives of millions of people. A national holiday is named in his honor and a granite statue stands in Washington D.C. The Denver Chess Club does the small thing of having an annual tribute tournament in his name as a sign... Read more >>

    1/23/2020 at 12:25pm Views: 455

  • 2019 London Chess Classic Report

    "There was something going on for any type of chess fan..."

    The stage is set in London... Once again John Brezina, our local globe trotting chess reporter, brings us an excellent report from the International chess world. This time from the 2019 London Chess Classic, the grand finale of the FIDE 2019 Grand Chess Tour. In this report, Mr. Brezina also includes a summary of the British Knockout Championship and the FIDE Open tournament that ran in... Read more >>

    12/18/2019 at 2:00pm Views: 376

  • DCC November 2019 Report

    "...was very ecstatic to have had the opportunity to play the State champ." " were very inspired by the stronger players..."

    Before getting to who won what in the DCC November tournament, I'd like to present another excellent John Brezina report. This time from the exotic location of Parker, Colorado :-) Mr. Brezina runs quarterly tournaments at the Parker library. These fun, unrated, no entry fee, tournaments are open to all and are becoming more and more popular, as shown by the heading photo. This is a good thing... Read more >>

    11/30/2019 at 5:11pm Views: 722

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