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  • DCC November 2022 Report

    ...the DCC Tour prize fund is already well over 2700 dollars.

    Bad news for the Denver Chess Club was learning that the church "admin team" intended to raise our rent from $250 a month to $250 a week. Yes, really. Surprising to me, the Pastor of the church had no idea that we had been sent a blunt email message, which essentially said, "sign the new rent contract or get out". We'll know by next week whether a reasonable rent increase will be... Read more >>

    12/4/2022 at 5:54pm Views: 197

  • John Brezina's report from Iceland.

    "A story to tell for the rest of this young chess player's life."

    Worldwide, chess is by far the most popular board game. I believe you can throw a dart and anywhere it lands on a map of the world you can find chess players. Even if the dart hits an ocean, there are probably people on a nearby boat playing chess. I'm thinking the same can be said about where John Brezina has been to attend and report... Read more >>

    11/17/2022 at 11:49am Views: 235

  • John Brezina's US Chess Championships Report

    "Setting up an epic playoff match..."

    Once again John Brezina, Colorado's globetrotting reporter and outstanding photographer, brings us a world class Grandmaster chess tournament report. As always, I am pleased to select and caption Mr. Brezina's great pictures. The heading photo is Jennifer Yu proudly displaying her Championship trophy. Quoting John Brezina. "The US Chess Championships returned to St.... Read more >>

    11/9/2022 at 12:43pm Views: 205

  • DCC 2022 October Report

    ...but certainly just as capable of enduring the stress and pressure of a tournament chess game.

    FIDE declared 2022 to be the year of Women in Chess . Of course, I didn't know this till Ann Davies pointed it out to me recently. The DCC along with the CSCA would also like to see more women playing in Colorado chess tournaments. Tournament chess is a sport that does not require physical strength but does require mental acuity and stamina. I've always thought that in general... Read more >>

    10/30/2022 at 3:14pm Views: 357

  • DCC 2022 Fall Classic

    An unprecedented prize money payout for a local Colorado tournament.

    Once again Denver Chess Club tournament attendance proves that the DCC is providing what Colorado chess players want. We are staging organized, well run tournaments in a central location with a substantial prize fund, that is paid out fairly to players of all levels of ability. Previous DCC Fall Classic tournaments - going back to 2016 as tabulated by Dean Clow's caissachess software... Read more >>

    10/18/2022 at 2:55pm Views: 485

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