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  • John Brezina's St. Louis Report

    "...where theory is no longer relevant."

    Once again John Brezina brings us an excellent report from St. Louis. This time reporting and photographing the "2023 Champions Showdown Chess 9LX". A Fischer Random tournament with an all star Grand Master cast. Why "Chess 9LX" is beyond me, but with all Rex Sinquefield is doing for American chess he can title his awesome St. Louis chess tournaments in any way he... Read more >>

    9/16/2023 at 10:05am Views: 162

  • DCC August 2023 Tournaments Report

    ... how could they not have :-)

    The Denver Chess Club was an extra added attraction for a Boulder, Colorado chess camp group of students. Well known chess instructor, NM Brian Tillis from Palm Beach, Florida is the driving force behind Palm Beach Chess . He was invited by the Boulder Chess Club to teach a class of young chess players, and he had the terrific idea to bring the class to the DCC, for Round 2 of the August... Read more >>

    9/1/2023 at 2:07pm Views: 288

  • DCC July 2023 Tournaments report

    The DCC is great and getting better thanks to you all.

    I'd like to start out this DCC report by highlighting what Chis Peterson did for the DCC, and what he has gone on to do for himself. Mainly for the DCC - other than being an inspirational player - Chris created the DCC web page from scratch, I think more or less just to practice his coding skills. The result was which contains all things pertinent to the... Read more >>

    8/3/2023 at 3:40pm Views: 450

  • DCC 2023 Denver Open

    "We're going to need a bigger boat."

    To tell the truth, I didn't expect the 2023 DCC Denver Open entries to exceed the fantastic 188 player registration we had for the 2022 Denver Open, where we had special guest GM Jesse Kraai as an extra added attraction. Well, sometimes it's good to be wrong.  This year we had an extraordinary player registration of 194 players!! With 49% of the players from outside the... Read more >>

    7/28/2023 at 11:52am Views: 877

  • John Brezina's St. Louis Cairns Cup report

    " take the lead and would never look back."

    Once again John Brezina brings us an excellent report from St. Louis, the chess capital of the United States. This time reporting, and of course photographing the elite players invited to the Jeanne Sinquefield inspired Cairns Cup. As always, I am pleased to select and caption Mr. Brezina's great photography. The heading photo is Bella Khotenshvili apparently spotting a... Read more >>

    7/8/2023 at 10:37am Views: 373

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